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about us

In 2007, The Double Trouble Foundation was formed. During the past 2 years, the foundation has positioned itself as a leader in the community by devoting lots of time and energy into helping families in need across the valley.


What we do

The purpose of the operation of the company is to provide for the kids who don’t get a chance to eat a Thanksgiving dinner or have a Christmas with their families, to help find treatments for the ill, to aid in finding cures for Breast Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, etc, and to help teach troubled teens an alternative to drugs and crime by teaching them a trade and instilling confidence in them to make them a heavy competitor in the job market.


our community involvement



Double Trouble Foundation came with Power 98.3 to this boys home for kids that have had troubles at home to bring a Christmas to these young kids. Some have not seen a Christmas for years. With your support we were able to give every child 5 gifts each. Thanks to Canyon State Boys Academy for the opportunity and lunch.


Phoenix childrens hospital

Double Trouble Foundation came to this hospital to support the kids in the valley that are ill. With your support we were able to deliver over $5,000 worth of brand new toys. Thanks to Phoenix Childrens Hospital for helping our children get well



Double Trouble Foundation is teaming up with Quest to Cure to help in the research and development of treatments to fight and eventually cure sickle cell anemia.

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latest news

Double Trouble Foundation is lookng for program sponsors.

Double Trouble Foundation is looking for sponsors to help open D.T. Cycles,a shop designed to teach troubled teens a trade and make them a more competetive force in the job market. >>>

Double Trouble Foundation is looking to build community playgrounds in areas in need.

Double Trouble Foundation is looking to build playgrounds to give kids extra activities. We think this will make kids more active and improve health. We also think more activities will keep them busy and less likely to commit crimes. >>>

Double Trouble Foundation is looking to help make the community green.

Double Trouble Foundation is looking to give time and resorces to make every home more energy efficient. >>>